Full Set 
Natural look                                   40-50 lashes per eye       $ 150
Extreme look                                 70-80 lashes per eye       $ 200
100% Faux Mink Lashes                                                           $ 250
2 weeks                                                                                             $ 55
3 weeks                                                                                             $ 75
4 weeks                                                                                             $ 95
5 weeks                                you may be recommended a new set
                    (recommend refill every 2-4 weeks)
Different curvatures and length of lashes


European Facial                                             60 minutes              $ 65
Using the traditional European’s method, this facial includes skin analysis,cleansing,relaxing massage of the face,neck and shoulders,steam,and manual cleansing of pores,followed by customized masks. All skin types are suitable.
Micro-Dermabrasion                             75 minutes              $ 90
This procedure is a gentle yet an effective mechanical exfoliation using micronized crystal particles to break up dead skin cells on the skin’s surface to reduce fine lines,discoloration,age spots,sun damage,and minor scarring on the face and neck. The procedure is painless natural, convenient, affordable and it gives a noticeable result even after the first treatment.A post treatment soothing mask and application of sun block to protect the skin is included. Four to six treatments are required for best results.

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